Paul C. 

"Hello my name is Paul. When I first heard of this program I was kind of skeptical to whether or not this program would work. I thought to myself, “I don't need help, I’m good and I can do it myself.” I carry a lot of pride and I've always done things on my own. My own time and my own pace. I hate people telling me what to do. I've been going through some challenges lately and I felt like I needed help. I wanted someone to talk to. Not my judgmental family or judgemental friends. Someone who would listen and not judge me for my actions. Instead help me find a solution to my problems. That's when I decided to give this program a chance. I had things that I needed help with. We all do but can we honestly admit them? I had a problem and I'm so glad that I met Jodessa. She made it easy. I didn't feel like I was in trouble. She was so easy to talk to. She listened and understood what I was going through. Through self discovery she made me understand my own faults and help support every decision I've made to help me overcome them. The first thing I was concerned about was my health. I wanted to stop smoking. I've been smoking since 2004. I've tried to stop in the past but have been unsuccessful. Jodessa laid out or assisted me with a game plan. The game plan my idea and all she did was support my actions. She didn't tell me that smoking was bad…. I did. She didn't tell me that I needed to cut down on the amount of cigarettes to smoke… I did. Jodessa was there and supported my action plan. I made sure to keep track of my intake and held myself responsible. It wasn't easy but I made sure to hold myself accountable for every cigarette I've smoked. What was more important? Living a long and healthy life or an early death? I went from smoking a pack a day to half a pack to none. This wasn't an easy task but if I didn't have someone like Jodessa cheering me on and telling me that I'm doing a good job I would have still been smoking cigarettes. How bad did I wanted to stop? Real bad! This program is amazing. I wish I could have found out about this sooner. Thanks Jodessa for all you do. You're the best. #lifechanger

Kind Regards, Paul"

September 2018

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